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gps sioule et bouble

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Main category / Multimedia Design
Sub category / Image Editing
Developer / Basil Salad Software
Filesize / 40858
Title / Bigger Picture
☆ Bigger Picture V.1.1.6

Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer)
Navigating between Year, Collection and Moment views is done via the back/forward buttons at the left of the toolbar
You may not be able to do local backups of iDevices with iTunes after deleting, moving, or renaming MobileDevice files or folders.
7 Dec 2018 GrandPerspective 2.1.0 has been released. It includes various minor fixes and improvements. A warning is now shown when the reported size is larger than the actual file size. Various improvements to the Welcome window. The window is not modal anymore, it automatically closes, and from the preferences you can configure it to re-appear. The application has also been notarized to minimize warnings on newer versions of macOS. Various minor bugs have also been fixed. You can download the latest release from Sourceforge.
Back in the days of hard drives we all had tons of space on our Macs, but SSDs are often more limited in capacity. And high-res video and other 'essential' files take up more storage than ever.
Click “Add to iPhoto” to import the image into iPhoto


10.11.6 [32686 kb]

for High Sierra [33503 kb]

10.14 [34729 kb]

Digital pictures are easily captured with today's technology using cameras, smartphones, iPads and even computer monitors. Uploading pictures to websites or emailing them to friends is usually simple if the size of the file isn't too large. Many sites limit the size of profile and post pictures to keep bandwidth speeds moving efficiently. Large image files also account for a huge part of overall storage space on the hard drive. Changing the picture size from a large picture to a smaller size depends on the device and operating system you use.
Boot Camp Assistant
If you're a big Photos user, Apple has certainly improved the organization and editing interfaces to make using the software more streamlined, and added the same Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure effects for Live Photos that you've got on iOS 11. (Unfortunately, on the bigger-than-phone-size screen of a computer, it's easier to see how the effects degrade the quality.)
It’s still a very useful Bigger Picture to have to help you salvage and use photos in places that you otherwise could not.
Once you’ve located the image, open it in Preview. In most cases, Preview will be your Mac’s default image viewer, which means that opening it is simply a matter of double-clicking the file you want to resize. (An alternative approach is to right-click on the file, then select Open With > Preview.)
Locate Private Framework
Drag and drop photos, media, and documents to change the order in which they will be sent.

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Languages Portuguese English German [25837 kbytes] 3.3

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