gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

(Best 3) on 10.13.6 how install v.2.1.5 iTuneSleep

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1434 KB; Utilities; AppleScript; Nick Adams; iTuneSleep

iTuneSleep vers 2.1.5

iTuneSleep is a richly featured, easy-to-use Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock for Mac OS X and iTunes which includes a fully functional Remote Control for Salling Clicker.
Features: Syncs with iTunes (finds tracks, radio stations and playlists in your library) Can shut down or sleep your mac after fading out your music Can start up or wake up your mac before gently fading up your music (for an alarm) Can fade down to any iTunes track, number of tracks, no. of minutes, playlist smoothly Alarms will fade up to a chosen iTunes track, random track, playlist, or iTunes radio station Can set the alarm to go off once or on any of days of the week, or using your iCal events Once set can perform the fade and/or alarm without the Application or Remote being open Full Control of iTuneSleep with your mobile phone from the comfort of your bed with the included Remote Control! Many more features, including applescriptability - check it out!

Updated El Captan (1620 kb)

Version to iMac (1448 kb)

Best MacBook XT4KY_VERSION_4.1.5_ITUNESLEEP.ZIP (1663 kb)

Updated on 10.14 (1634 kb)

Recomended on Sierra b1OC_iTuneSleep_ver_2.3.5.tar.gz (1634 kb)

Nick Adams

Recomended OS X 8JkV_Backup_and_Sync_3.40.8921.5350.tar.gz (52297 kb) 3.38.7642.3857

to iMac Pro (25528 kb) 2.52

Recomended El Captan SfD-Delicious:-Emily' (289218 kb) 2.0

Best for Mojave VERS.1.4.DESKTOP.SHADES.MBDRF.TAR.GZ (7255 kb) 1.1

Updated on OS X YK5TJE_ISPEEDFOCUS_3.1.3.APP (387502 kb) 1.1.4

Featured to MacBook Air W3sv5S.ver..1.6.TileWindows.Lite.pkg (389 kb) 2.3

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