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◉ Dashboard vers.1.0

Dashboard is a responsive, fluid, and modern RapidWeaver theme.

Responsive Design
Dashboard's layout always scales to provide the best browsing experience on all screens. To demonstrate, view this on both desktop and mobile devices - OR - just resize this browser window.

Page Load Effects
5 selectable page load animations are built in - no coding required. Each effect was built to compliment Dashboard's vertical "layered" layout. Browsers that support CSS3 animations will play them, browsers that don't - won't.

Fully Color Adjustable
All page elements for Dashboard are 100% color adjustable in the style options. We also include 8 quick color presets to get started. All color schemes you see within this Dashboard demo are included with theme purchase.

Retina Ready
All elements used in the Dashboard theme are 100% retina ready, for the sharpest viewing experience possible on the latest high resolution mobile devices and laptops.

Photo Album 2.0
Dashboard transforms RapidWeaver's Photo Album into our custom built image gallery with responsive formatting.

Fluid Video
Built into the theme, create a responsive full video playback experience on any screen size with embedded YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler video.

Social Icons 2.0
Our custom social icon set features over 60 social networks - and is built into Dashboard. They can be used anywhere in the sidebar or main content area, and can import as special styled buttons in the sidebar (as shown). Setup is easy, and covered in the manual. See the full Social Icon 2.0 set.

Mobile Simulator
When building your Dashboard Pro site, instantly preview each page on a simulated iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire at anytime with our built-in Simulator 2.0

Font Awesome 4.0.3
One font, 369 icons. Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions, and comes built into Dashboard. Setup covered in the manual.

Browser Support
Dashboard has been tested for iOS and Android mobile browsers, as well as all major desktop browsers, includes IE8 support. Remember, friends don't let friends use IE8.

for OS X v-1.2-Dashboard-jXH9I.pkg | 10854 kb |

New High Sierra | 11468 kb |

Nick Cates Design

New! version JMF.THE.TAROT'S.MISFORTUNE.VER.2.4.TAR.GZ | 228454 KB | 3.0

Version 10.11 4jzJL-Sheets-version-4.0.7.pkg | 154 KB | 3.2.7

[11059 KB] Free DJ6L VERSION 2.0 DASHBOARD 1.1 Version for 10.11.6

[10240 KB] Download DASHBOARD VERS 3.0 9YY74U 1.1 Updated on Mac

[9932 KB] Update Dashboard 2.0 YupKV 1.3 Best MacBook

[9932 KB] Software RFY 1.2 DASHBOARD 1.3 Featured for MacOS

[12083 KB] Free 2EPNG1 V 1.3 DASHBOARD 1.1 Best MacOS

[9523 KB] Download v 1.3 Dashboard uYF6 3.0 Recomended to Mojave

[8704 KB] Free VERSION 1.1 DASHBOARD LGF 3.0 Updated 10.14.3

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