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gps sioule et bouble

how install DeskCover vers 1.3 💙 for Mac Pro

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DeskCover Desktop 307 KB Utilities MacPlus Software

DeskCover vers 1.3

DeskCover is a simple Mac application that allows you to hide the mess on your desktop with a single mouse-click or by pressing a global hotkey. It also allows you to focus on your current task by highlighting the window of the currently active application and automatically dimming those of inactive ones.

- Cover Your Messy Desktop - Hide items on your desktop behind a beautiful picture cover, system wallpaper, or solid color
- Isolate Frontmost Window - DeskCover automatically highlights the current working window and darkens all the others in the background
- Customize - Use the color, system wallpaper (desktop image), or your own picture as a cover that will hide the desktop or isolate the active windowyou can also adjust background transparency settings
- Works with multiple displays and spaces
- Hotkeys to speed-up your work

Version 10.13.6 K8S_1.1.1_DESKCOVER.TAR.GZ {245 kbytes}

New for 10.13 {316 kbytes}

Updated Sierra {257 kbytes}

to El Captan Evar-ver.-1.1.2-DeskCover.tar.gz {303 kbytes}

Recomended! version {245 kbytes}

Best on High Sierra ver..1.0.DeskCover.Zen.tar.gz {260 kbytes}

MacPlus Software
Official site:

Key for repack DeskCover

10.12.6 1.1_HAWKMARK_KPQ3J.TAR.GZ 1.1.1


Recomended 10.11.6 2.4

MacOS 3poT_3.1.24.206_Jottacloud.dmg

MacBook Pro TS870RC_5.1_TYDB.ZIP 4.2

Free VER. 2.3 DESKCOVER OEF 1.7 Best Mac Pro

App DeskCover v 1.0 Ff8dO 1.4 Best 10.12.4

DESKCOVER VERS 3.3 7QHXTR 1.6 New to Mojave

Free EwjEWO version 1.5 DeskCover 2.3 on OS X

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