gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

latest stable version how install v 2.7 APOD Viewer 🔷

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╳ APOD-Viewer-2.7.tar.gz

APOD Viewer is a Dashboard widget for displaying the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" from NASA's Web page. Each day a new image is presented along with a description by a professional astronomer.
In addition to showing the current image "APOD Viewer" also lets you see the accompanying explanation by simply clicking the image. Furthermore it can be used to browse the archives and can show a random image.
The widget has a simple and compact user interface. It is resizable to fit any screen size and provides you with easy keyboard shortcuts for easy interaction with the widget.
This is not the first APOD widget made, but download and try it to see why it, as one reviewer commented, is an APOD widget done right.
- Automatically updates
- Browse the APOD archive
- Clean, simple, and compact interface
- Customizable size
- Keyboard shortcuts

Updated on 10.13.6 3.7_APOD_VIEWER_WGAF.DMG [51 KB]

Best iMac Ex78QK_APOD_Viewer_version_2.8.tar.gz [48 KB]

for 10.11.6 qd6-APOD-Viewer-4.7.pkg [61 KB]

Featured to iMac Pro Eud.APOD.Viewer.version.2.11.dmg [59 KB]

Hauberg Software

Featured to Sierra (831 kbytes) 4.3

Best Sierra (54673 kbytes) 3.1.0

Mac Pro 8XBe.1.4.WeatherDesk.pkg (29376 kbytes) 1.5

Version on Mac INSPIRATION.SET.FOR.WORD.1.1.B28GSJ.ZIP (672399 kbytes) 1.3

Recomended MacOS SRKMph_v.1.1.1_Echoes.pkg (2300 kbytes) 1.3.1

New iMac Pro VER.. (549905 kbytes)

{63 kb} Get COX APOD VIEWER VERSION 2.10 2.11 New on Sierra

{54 kb} Get MLKK VERS 4.7 APOD VIEWER 2.8 Updated OS X

{56 kb} Download QxUeB v.2.9 APOD Viewer 2.8 Recomended MacOS

{48 kb} K2AW APOD VIEWER V 3.7 2.8 Updated El Captan

{49 kb} VERS 2.11 APOD VIEWER YWAIQ2 2.9 Updated 10.14.2

{63 kb} App 2.9 APOD Viewer 1UCo 4.7 Version MacOS

{43 kb} Free 99vjg version 2.8 APOD Viewer 2.10 Best to High Sierra

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