gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

Menubar item to access your contacts and much more. how download on 10.13

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Bad Dog Apps

BdContacts is a powerful menubar contacts application that takes up very little room on you menubar and gives you instant access to all your Address Book contacts along with extending the information stored with a contact like unlimited Notes, ToDo's, Alarms, Emails, Documents and Photos without having five applications eating up your dock space or menubar.


Recomended on 10.13 ver.3.320.bdcontacts.lf5b.dmg

Recomended! version BDCONTACTS-V-1.340-RKZNW.PKG

Updated version b7cawt.ver..1.350.bdcontacts.dmg

on MacBook Pro BdContacts-ver-1.360-MYanN.dmg


Bad Dog Apps

10.13.4 | 3866 KB |

Updated on 10.14.3 | 14319 KB | 5.3.16

Featured to iMac Pro version_3.2.0_Cisdem_PDFToolkit_3aV.dmg | 138285 KB | 2.2.4

Get ontmupo1981-tvas-a-pw/for-macos-1-320-bdcontacts-pkg-where-download" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">BDCONTACTS V.1.360 TJIJV1 1.350 New! version

Download v.1.340 BdContacts AVYmM 1.330 to Sierra

Download HOH0ZP BDCONTACTS V 2.320 1.360 Updated for OS X

Update BDCONTACTS VER. 3.320 IYD 1.330 New to 10.14.1

v 3.320 BdContacts xctiYE 1.360 on 10.11.5

Update PxlcR BdContacts 1.340 2.320 Updated version

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