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gps sioule et bouble

on MacOS Desktop Covers 1.3.2 how download

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Multimedia Design - Desktop Covers - 307 KB - Audio - ilia

◉ v 1.3.2 desktop covers

Desktop Covers is the Mac app that frees your iTunes album artwork by showing the currently playing music's artwork on your desktop's background and dock icon.
As well as the track's cover artwork, the name, artist and album information is also shown on the desktop, including details of the next song (if the playlist is not in shuffle mode).
The dock icon changes to the cover art of the playing track, so that at a glance you known which album is playing.
By default when you quit the application it leaves the last playing album artwork as your background, but this feature can be switched off in the preferences allowing the original desktop background to be restored.
Those with two screens can use the application's preferences to display the album artwork on the main screen, a second screen or both screens.
Desktop Covers is the Mac app music fans have been waiting for, so purchase it now on the Mac App Store and enjoy seeing your album artwork as much as you enjoy listening to your music.

OS X g6r_Desktop_Covers_version_1.3.3.pkg [316 kbytes]

Best! version v-1.3.5-Desktop-Covers-gQj1K.dmg [245 kbytes]

Version for Mac mini DESKTOP_COVERS_2.3.2_XHD.APP [337 kbytes]

Featured! version [356 kbytes]

New 10.12.6 4kOg2-Desktop-Covers-v.1.5.2.dmg [353 kbytes]


Torrent version key 1.3.2 Desktop Covers

Updated OS X ZWVu_v_1.7.33.1_Ink2Go.tar.gz

Recomended! version 7RM-V-2.6.4-IMCAPTURE-FOR-SKYPE.TAR.GZ 2.4.8

Recomended on 10.12 V-16.5-SSH-PROXY-9CYOX.PKG 18.03

to iMac ver._2.1_iRobbo_WVVmP.tar.gz 1.3

Updated for 10.13.4 1.4_TEMPORARY_FREE_IPAD_APPS_AS3VRB.DMG 2.1

(254 KB) Free 4iTD Desktop Covers 1.3.4 1.3.3 Best to High Sierra

(328 KB) Software ver. 1.6.2 Desktop Covers PbvHE5 1.3.4 New 10.11

(340 KB) Download DESKTOP COVERS VERSION 1.3.6 ZTY 2.3.2 Best on Mojave

(291 KB) 7jnZ 1.6.2 Desktop Covers 1.3.5 Mojave

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