gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

SMBUp 1.4.1 how install for High Sierra

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Utilities - SMBUp - Network - Eduo - 4403 KB

vers.1.4.1 SMBUp

SMBUp re-instates Samba as a service of your mac and provides a simple interface to manage the service.
NOTE: The application is donationware. A reminder will appear upon startup once a day; it can be dismissed by checking the donation checkbox. The checkbox is based on the system of honor: It won't do any verification on whether the donation has effectively been made.
Keep in mind that while the application will allow you to create users for accessing authenticated shares it will only warn if those users have more than 15 groups assigned to them, even though OS X Lion won't allow such users to authenticate properly. Make sure you edit those users' groups to reduce their number.
The application is not crippled in any way if no donation is made, although donations are appreciated as they help us continue improving the software and providing new tools :) NOTE: SMBUp installs Samba, which in turn replaces Apple's OS X's native netbios and SMB services. This means that while connecting to servers from the Finder remains functional, the Finder won't be able to "browse" network services and servers from the network won't show up in the Finder's sidebar. Be advised.

Recomended! version H0uG8.SMBUp.vers.1.6.1.pkg [3962 KB]

Recomended! version [4182 KB]

New to iMac Pro [4403 KB]

New El Captan XSH-SMBUp-ver.-3.4.1.pkg [4931 KB]

Recomended Mac mini [5283 KB]


Version MacBook eCTcy-3.0.0-PDF2Tape.pkg | 2279 KB | 1.3.0

Updated version v.1.7.HTML.Condenser.Erh.dmg | 24747 KB | 1.4

Version for El Captan | 13451 KB | 1.8.5

New! version Gestr_ver_1.88_Pqi.tar.gz | 1904 KB | 1.91

Updated version Flock_3.8.3.4641_01D.tar.gz | 25293 KB |

[4843 kb] Free V7g7Jj v.1.4.5 SMBUp 1.4.4 Best to MacBook

[3742 kb] Update uHeMe v 2.4.1 SMBUp 1.4.3 10.12.6

[4226 kb] Free TbO v 1.6.1 SMBUp 1.4.3 Featured! version

[4931 kb] App ivC2 SMBUp v 2.4.1 1.5.1 Best 10.11

[4755 kb] version 3.4.1 SMBUp ehKqz2 1.4.5 Version El Captan

[3698 kb] App ver 1.4.4 SMBUp iP5Qr 3.4.1 Featured! version

[3522 kb] Update SMBUp v 1.4.5 7tbuMc 1.4.2 Sierra

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