gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

to High Sierra 1.1.0 Bagpipe Player 🎖 how download

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Description: Aleksey Vasilyev
Multimedia Design
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Bagpipe Player
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⭐ vers.1.1.0.Bagpipe.Player.tar.gz

Bagpipe Player is an app for macOS uses very popular format BWW BMW- files for writing music of the bagpipe. Basic functions: show files as musical notes sheet, for playing and printing. Bagpipe Player play tunes like Great Highland Bagpipe with drones and embellishments. Authentic sound sampled from real GHB and Practice chanter.

Customizations available:
- Sound of the practice chanter or bagpipe
- Sound of the drones
- Sound volume of drones and chanter
- Duration of the grace notes
- Tempo
- Tone of the sound from -5 to +5 halftone
- Height of the music staff
- Background for the sheet of notes

Additional functionality:
- Create PDF, print and email it
- Do delay begin of playback for training
- Highlight a section of the tune and repeat it
- Turn on sound of the metronome

The Bagpipe Player copies some bww files to the folder "~Music/Bagpipe Player" for demonstration purpose and training. These files got from open sources of the internet. Bagpipe Player will be useful for beginners and professional bagpipers to learn new tunes

Featured MacOS F18a.Bagpipe.Player.ver.1.1.2.pkg {39616 KB}

Updated version 31N6U-BAGPIPE-PLAYER-VERS.1.4.0.TAR.GZ {39616 KB}

Aleksey Vasilyev

Key for repack 1.1.0 Bagpipe Player

New Mojave [97 kb] 3.0.1

10.13 YDOOK_V.1.1.3_SIP.DMG [12054 kb] 2.1.4

Recomended! version LFVAF_VER_1.4_HASH_CALCULATOR.ZIP [13670 kb] 1.3

{40854 kb} App BAGPIPE PLAYER VERS.1.2.0 8SXTVN 3.1.0 Best! version

{39616 kb} Download v.1.1.4 Bagpipe Player eor 1.1.3 Best! version

{45806 kb} Download v.1.0.8 Bagpipe Player vyS3 1.1.1 Updated on MacOS

{44568 kb} Bagpipe Player v 1.1.4 r8BaH 1.1.3 Recomended! version

{34251 kb} App OCL 1.0.7 Bagpipe Player 1.4.0 Updated version

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