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gps sioule et bouble

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Francisco Garza HIIT Workout 9216 KB Health and Fitness Home Personal


HIIT Workout...High-Intensity Interval Training is a cardiovascular workout designed to enhance fat loss with short periods of intense activity. A typical workout consists of six to ten repetitions of high intensity exercise, separated by longer intervals of medium intensity exercise. You can perform them by sprinting, cycling, rowing or with any other form of cardiovascular exercise.Traditionally a stopwatch or timer is used, however this makes it hard to listen to music while you work out. HIIT Workout solves this by taking songs from your iTunes library, joining them together and overlaying series of beeps and prompts to help you time your workout. In this way you can listen to music while you perform your workout.Workouts are fully customizable with intervals lasting anywhere from five seconds to two minutes in length. You can use music, podcasts, or any other audio items in your iTunes library. Simply add your songs, configure your workout and export to iTunes. You can then add the audio workout to your portable media player, or play it straight from the app.Note: Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store prior to January 2009 may contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption and cannot be used. Sorry.

Recomended 10.13.5 {9492 kb}

Featured to Mac version_2.0_HIIT_Workout_Mem.pkg {9768 kb}

Featured for MacBook v.1.1-HIIT-Workout-8fH.pkg {10506 kb}

El Captan 2S63_v_1.2_HIIT_Workout.dmg {7833 kb}

El Captan {8478 kb}

10.14 {10506 kb}

on MacBook Pro HIIT_Workout_tiu4.tar.gz {9861 kb}

Francisco Garza

Recomended! version lBWol_EDPcalc_1. [1520 kb]

Best Mojave Dial! [8688 kb] 1.10

Version to High Sierra VER-1.3-TREASURE-ISLAND---THE-GOLD-BUG-PXB5W.APP [44126 kb] 1.1

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