gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

to OS X how install Connects MIDI keyboards and controllers to software synths and effects.

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Multimedia Design
inTone Keys
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inTone Keys connects MIDI keyboards and controllers to software synths and effects for live performances at home, on stage or in the studio. These connections are flexible allowing to create zones and layers. Several instruments played from one keyboards. Several keyboards playing one instrument.
- inTone Keys utilizes multichannel audio interfaces and allows flexible assignments of synth outputs. It offers also audio file playback and recording.
- MIDI keyboards, synthesizers, hardware sound modules, software instruments and effects, 3rd party plug-ins and ReWire applications: It is all connected in one system with inTone Keys.
- One mouse click, one key shortcut, one MIDI controller touch, to switch to another, completely different setup.
- inTone Keys can cooperate with other programs. For instance, it opens iTunes playlists (version 1.1 and higher), it connects to ReWire Device applications as Reason etc.
- inTone Keys has a low latency audio engine. So the delay between you hit a key and you hear the generated sound is very short, you won't recognize it.
- With inTone Keys you can create sounds you wouldn't be able to achieve with any other software or hardware. You can experiment and easily compare the results of your work with the results of others.
- Play simultaneously with your favorite artists. Slow down playback to ease your practicing. Add any music contents to inTone playlists.

to iMac Pro 0SH-INTONE-KEYS-2.4.1.APP [20374 kb]

to iMac Pro kzam_2.2.1_intone_keys.dmg [19769 kb]

Recomended! version inTone-Keys-vers.2.1.5-4L5I.pkg [17550 kb]


Sierra VER._2.12_BWANA_BHJV.TAR.GZ [556 kbytes] 4.8

Best for 10.12.4 [5431 kbytes] 2.3.9

{18760 kbytes} Get inTone Keys ver 2.1.5 M0zb7t 2.4.1 New! version

{21786 kbytes} App XoQ vers.2.3.1 inTone Keys 3.1.1 for iMac Pro

{19769 kbytes} Software 7GVR VERS 2.1.4 INTONE KEYS 4.1.1 Updated version

{19164 kbytes} Get inTone Keys vers 4.1.1 vw5CS 2.1.4 Updated to 10.13

{22392 kbytes} Download V.2.1.3 INTONE KEYS ORH11T 3.1.1 Best 10.13.4

{21585 kbytes} Get J5kZM inTone Keys ver 3.1.1 2.3.1 Updated version

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