gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

to Sierra how download V.1.2 TUBLME (app)

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➡ 1.2 Tublme

Tublme is a beautiful and powerful, yet easy-to-use, Tumblr desktop client. It makes browsing Tumblr a whole new experience with its minimalistic approach.

- Lists - As in Twitter, a list is a selected group of users. Just add people (you don't even need to be following them) to a new or existing list and you'll be able to check the list timeline whenever you want.
- Saved searches - Apart from keeping a history of your recent searches, Tublme me lets you save the ones you want.
- Keyboard shortcuts - So you prefer using the keyboard? No problem: browse the Dashboard, make a search or like a post using simple keyboard shortcuts.
- Multiple accounts - You can add as many Tumblr accounts as you want and change from one to another instantly.
- Simultaneous uploads - Are you uploading a very heavy post and, meanwhile, you have finished writing a new one? No need to wait. Publish it and Tublme will take care of it all.
- Work offline - Did your Internet connection failed? Was there an error while uploading? Did you have to cancel your upload? Tublme saves your post automatically for you to try again later.
- Notification center - When publishing a post, when you have new followers, etc. And if you prefer using Growl, no problem, Tublme is compatible.
- Retina ready - Tublme is optimized for the new MacBook Pro Retina Display.
More Features:
- Beautiful interface
- Icon in the dock, in the menubar, or both
- Markdown, HTML, and RTE support
- QuickLook support when viewing posts (Space bar key)
- Lots of kitties...

Best! version EE6RAE_1.6_TUBLME.PKG {7701 kbytes}

Updated 10.11 {6712 kbytes}

Best! version BghZea_Tublme_v.1.3.pkg {6430 kbytes}

Best! version version-3.2-tublme-mkxd.tar.gz {8196 kbytes}

Featured El Captan {6995 kbytes}

Ana Maria Nunez
Official site:

Serial key Tublme

for Mac WGz.version.3.4.2.iTabla.Desktop.dmg (62346 kbytes) 3.3.4


Featured! version V.3.8.0.CISDEM.DVDBURNER.AVR.ZIP (40346 kbytes) 3.7.3

Featured OS X yHTyZk_version_5.0.8_DreamZZT.pkg (1915 kbytes) 3.2.8

Featured! version (6205 kbytes) 2.0.4

Version to Sierra SHELF_VERS.0.2.15_ZLLR.APP (8985 kbytes) 0.3.15

Best to Mac (189 kbytes) 1.3

New! version PicTwiddle.2.3.0.i2ox9o.tar.gz (8374 kbytes) 3.3.0

for 10.11.6 MailHub.for.Lion.version.1.4B54.gdg.dmg (8437 kbytes) 2.2B54

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