gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

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◑ ShareTool 2.4.2

ShareTool is the smart and secure way to take your home or office network with you wherever you go. So smart, in fact, that we've been named a Mac Gem and an Apple Staff Pick.
ShareTool is a fast, extremely secure, and magical way to remain connected to your home or office network(s) no matter where you are physically. While connected with ShareTool, many shared (Bonjour-enabled) services on your remote home or office network automatically appear in your Finder, iTunes, iPhoto, and tons of other applications (just as they would if you were physically located at that network).
For example, let's assume you're away for business or on vacation somewhere. With ShareTool, you would be able to:
- encrypt all of your Web traffic and route it through your home network
- browse the Web securely
- listen to your entire home iTunes music library,
- iTunes Home Sharing fully supported across the internet
- control the screen of any of your home computers,
- grab that important file you forgot to bring with you
- connect to your FileMaker Pro database
- connect to your complete home iPhoto library
- print on your home network
- and a whole lot more
ShareTool automatically provides Bonjour over VPN connections as well. No messy configuration required. In addition, you can run ShareTool as a Mac OS X service via a background daemon. This means you don't actually need to be logged in as a user to share your network. Further, ShareTool 2 supports connecting to multiple networks at the same time! There no longer is a limit to the number of networks you can be connected to simultaneously.
ShareTool is the smartest, safest, and most efficient way to access your home or office networks no matter where you are.

Recomended 10.13.5 v.2.4.6.ShareTool.aq4A8.dmg {5934 kb}

Recomended! version ShareTool.version.2.7.2.fZA.pkg {5612 kb}

Updated iMac Pro {7547 kb}

Recomended! version 4mrPy.ShareTool.v.2.6.2.tar.gz {6644 kb}


Best MacBook Air KS-Strobe-Tuner-AU-version-2.2-FqjWUA.tar.gz (492 kbytes) 2.5

Mojave Kabletown_2.4.2_T81.tar.gz (18382 kbytes) 1.5.2

New El Captan PT1mZF-Tagr-5-v.5.2.0.pkg (5746 kbytes) 6.0.0

Best! version (29583 kbytes) 6.9.3a

| 6773 KB | Software SHARETOOL VERS 2.5.2 GF1UK7 2.4.6 Featured! version

| 7031 KB | DHK SHARETOOL VER. 2.4.4 2.7.2 Updated MacBook Pro

| 5999 KB | Free SHARETOOL 4.4.2 G5CD 2.6.2 Version MacOS

| 6257 KB | Download PMBP V.2.5.2 SHARETOOL 3.4.2 Best! version

| 5225 KB | App bTsVU7 ShareTool v.2.6.2 2.5.2 Version Mac

| 5483 KB | App CcF vers.2.4.6 ShareTool 2.5.2 Featured! version

| 7031 KB | Update version 4.4.2 ShareTool Mn3Z0 2.4.5 to MacBook

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