gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

v-3.2.1-iSubtitle.torrent install El Capitan

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Main category / Multimedia Design
Sub category / Video
Developer / Bitfield Ab
Filesize / 27034
Title / iSubtitle
iSubtitle 3.2.1

Web Site:
4) easy to work with while editing subtitles in an associated srt file
In the “Save As” box choose the location where you want to download the subtitle file. (The default location is the location of the currently playing video.) Once that is done you will be able to load the subtitle file in VLC.
- Artwork and description metadata now added when saving to a mov file.
NX Client for OSX

Official site:

for MacBook Air [24330 KB]

to 10.11.5 [28926 KB]

Featured! version [24330 KB]

Removed by SL installer, but version 3.1 works if reinstalled. Other versions currently do not work. Download 3.1 here: Requires Rosetta (but seems to run fine). After a year of trying to add subtitles to files, I found this treasure. It's dead simple to use and so far there have been no problems at all. Subtitle Synchronization iSubtitle 3.1 Privacy Policy Works fine for most. Have not tested 1.5.0 yet (No comment / FR loc with bug)

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