gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

where download 1.0.0 Geisha: the Secret Garden stable working version

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Geisha: the Secret Garden is a totally innovating match-3 game. Play over 80 levels and create a zen garden by bringing together 48 variants of plants and decoration.
Slide tiles horizontally keeping the left mouse button pressed. Line up 3 tiles (or more!) of a kind to create chains. Create chains to remove tiles from the board.
Collect a maximum of coins during a level to earn stars and release the dragons. Coins can be used to buy plants and decoration drafts that will be drawn in your ZEN garden.
- Favours relaxation and actively contributes to mental training
- 80 levels split in 4 seasons
- 2 play modes including a relax one
- 3 dragons to release
- 4 spectacular forces!
- 2 settings with 48 variants of plants and decoration

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Key list

High Sierra AG8.v.2017.3.2.IntelliJ.IDEA.tar.gz 2017.1.5

Best to 10.12.5 CILGA.GLOWPUZZLE.VERSION.1.9.2.DMG 1.10.1

Recomended OS X UIcl92_1.1.14_TableFlip.pkg 1.1.6

Best! version UD5-V-0.9.1-ZIPMADNESS.APP 1.6.1

[78866 kbytes] Get jcq Geisha: the Secret Garden v 1.0.1 1.3.0 New iMac

[91875 kbytes] App GEISHA: THE SECRET GARDEN VER. 1.0.3 FM7QS 1.1.0 Featured iMac

[89436 kbytes] Get GEISHA: THE SECRET GARDEN 3.0.0 BRO 1.3.0 Featured for MacOS

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