gps sioule et bouble

gps sioule et bouble

where download vers 1.6.3 iMagePhone Pro for iMac

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Description: iMagePhone Pro Polo Planet Software Image Editing Multimedia Design 8806 KB


iMagePhone Pro is wallpaper maker, image manager and maintenance tool for iPhone, iPad and mobile devices. Users may enhance, crop and resize any image with the defined position and size according to exact parameters of the iPhone/iPad or cell phone display. You can enhance your photos with over 50 photo effects, including sharpness, blur, mosaic, kaleidoscope and more.
Thanks to iMagePhone iCal integration, you may add birthday calendars, task scheduling and other calendar events to iPhone's lock screen in simple and elegant way. iPhoto integration allows automatic creation of backgrounds from any iPhoto album or custom folder. Wallpapers may be transferred directly to iPhone, organized in the gallery folders or emailed. Native iPhone and iPad support allows to upload wallpapers easily. In additional to regular iPhone maintain tasks, iMagePhone downloads camera photos and backup essential data.
Key features:
- Crop, resize, rotate and zoom images;
- Add text to iPhone background;
- Add Address Book contacts;
- Over 50 photo effects;
- Preview on virtual iPhone and iPad display;
- iPhoto and Address Book integration;
- Add iCal calendar events;
- Upload wallpapers to iPhone;
- Backup iPhone/iPod Touch device.

OS X iMagePhone.Pro.3.6.3.g69.tar.gz [9598 KB]

on High Sierra [8541 KB]

New 10.14.1 L5TJQR.IMAGEPHONE.PRO.1.7.3.DMG [10038 KB]

Updated High Sierra [9598 KB]

OS X [8365 KB]

Polo Planet Software

Recomended High Sierra | 2558 KB | 2.4

Updated MacOS QBX3.3.9.TIMELESS.ZIP | 16965 KB | 1.12

Recomended! version FILE_PAIR_CHECK_V_0.3.6_IV3MKQ.DMG | 2826 KB | 0.4.4

Recomended! version PePojM.ver..1.14.rEFIt.dmg | 7188 KB | 0.15

New on 10.13.5 WEgr.Art.View.vers.2.0.2.dmg | 6479 KB | 2.1

{7925 kbytes} Get iMagePhone Pro 1.6.5 Tvnn 1.9.3 Updated version

{10038 kbytes} Free ver. 1.6.6 iMagePhone Pro TgfAv 1.6.4 Sierra

{10391 kbytes} Free iMagePhone Pro vers.3.6.3 cLhK3 1.7.3 Recomended! version

{8982 kbytes} Update VERSION 1.9.3 IMAGEPHONE PRO 5IS2MB 2.6.3 to 10.13

{9246 kbytes} Get f49t iMagePhone Pro ver. 3.6.3 1.7.3 New! version

{7925 kbytes} Get vers.2.6.3 iMagePhone Pro NMoNA 1.8.3 Recomended 10.13.5

{8189 kbytes} Free ver 1.7.3 iMagePhone Pro QLL 3.6.3 Version on MacOS

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